3 must have tools for all pokemon go hunters

11:44:00 AM

Pokemon Go has been driving people out of their houses to catch a new Pokemon that they do not have, or a Pokemon that they badly need so that they can evolve what they have caught. We have also caught the Pokemon Go bug and would like to share some of the must have tools to become a gym master or be a Pokemon collector.

1) FastPokeMap
FastPokeMap is one of the tracking website that allows you to find out what are the Pokemons within walking distance. If you are looking for Pokemons within your area, this could be a good tracker tool.

2) Skiplagged
Skiplagged is another tracker website that allows you to have an overview of the type and number of Pokemons within your area. Like the FastPokeMap, it counts down the time before the Pokemon disappears from your radar.

3) Evolution Calculator
If you are thinking if you should waste your candies to evolve your current Pokemon to an all mighty one, you can use the evolution calculator to check what would your Pokemon would evolve into and what are the possible CP.

Have fun catching them all!

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