Robots will replace these 8 jobs

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1) Hospital Receptionist

Image Credit: The Guardian

Pepper the robot was recently added to the reception desk of two Belgium hospitals. They were "employed" for the assistant receptionist role at Ostend and Liege on Monday. Standing at 4ft7in (140cm) tall, Pepper features a screen on his chest and equipped with wheels for movement. He is able to recognize the human voice in 20 languages and can detect if the patient is a male, female or a child. In Liege, Pepper is mainly tasked to be at the reception desk and cost the hospital approximately USD$34,000. His counterpart in Ostend is able to accompany patients to the department that they are looking for.
2) Pharmacist

Credit: UCSF

At the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, automated robotics controlled system has been put in place to dispense medicine for patients. By using robot technology to prepare and track medications, it not only improves patient safety. Up to date, not a single error has occurred in the 350,000 prescriptions handled by the robotic system. The system streamlines the medical delivery process from prescription to patient.

3) Drivers

Credit: Google

It is no secret that Google and other tech and car companies are developing their own self-driving cars. The main aim of self-driving cars are to increase safety and to reduce the time taken for humans to commute to work.

Credit: Ehang

Besides self-driving cars, China Ehang 184, a passenger drone was cleared for testing in Nevada. It aims to be the first commercial passenger drone that transports a person via air. Although both self-driving car and commercial passenger drones are still in the testing phase, it leaves one to wonder what the future will hold for drivers.

4) Restaurant Servers

Credit: MasterCard

Robot servers are gaining popularity in many countries today for instance Singapore, China, Japan etc. Mastercard has partnered with Pizza Hut Asia to unveil their first e-commerce application by SoftBank Robotics, humanoid robot, Pepper.

Customers can say hello to Pepper and pair their Masterpass account by tapping the Pepper icon in the app or by scanning a QR code. After pairing, Pepper will assist the customer by providing personalized recommendations and offers.

On a side note, like humans, there is no such thing as job security for robots. China has just fired their underperforming staff.  It seems that the robots have failed their KPIs.

5) Chefs
Credit: Spyce Kitchen

We have previously covered Spyce Kitchen that is a robotic system that cooks healthy meals in minutes. Besides Spyce Kitchen, ramen robot chefs are also making their presence felt in Shanghai, China.  It seems like robots are taking over all aspects of the food and beverage industry. It would not be long before the whole restaurant experience will be taken over by robots.

6) Bartenders

Image Credit: Gizmag

Introducing MakrShakr, a robot drink mixing system. This system was developed by MIT Sensable City Lab, in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum. It's the world's first crowd-controlled robotic bar. Customers order drinks through a smartphone app and the robot churns out the drink and serves to you via a conveyor belt. If you have some time to spare, you can watch the artistic robot system at work.

7) Librarians
Image Credit: A*STAR

A library is like a large warehouse of books. If somebody misplaces a book, it would take librarians tons of hours to find that missing book. Researchers at A*STAR's Institute for Infocomm Research are designing a robot that can self-navigate through libraries at night, scan spines and shelves to report missing or out of place books. The autonomous robotic shelf-scanning(AuRoSS) scans RFID tags on boks and produces a report. In the morning, human librarians can check to see which books are in the wrong place and place them at their correct location. AuRoSS has trialled run in Singapore and achieves 99% accuracy.


Credit: Philips

Robot housekeepers may not be on commercial shelves yet but smaller robots are already common in most households. Floor cleaning robots, window-cleaning robots, rain-gutter cleaning robots can all be found in households today. To add to the new list, laundry folding robots. It seems very likely that we will be seeing a personal housekeeping robot in the near future.

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