7 Creative Use of Shipping Containers

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Shipping Containers are used in the ocean freight industry for cargo transportation. In recent years, these containers are re-cycled for other purpose. We have put together a list of creative ways to re-use these shipping containers.

1) Shipping Container Home

If you are thinking of buying a house, consider getting one built with containers. Containers are made to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. Thus, making perfect building material for your beach home. 

Source: Cubedepot

If you are interested in getting more inspiration on building your next home, check out this list of container homes.

2) Playground

Yes, we are not kidding. A playground was built using shipping containers in Stuggart, Germany.

Source: Morethanshipping

3) Emergency Hospitals
A container can be transformed in case of emergency. Looks like an ambulance without wheels

Source: MarineInsight

4) Cafes

Container cafes are the trend for places to chill. People love how different it is from a normal restaurant setting.

Source: hazeldiary.com

5) Student Hostels

Shipping Containers were used to build student hostels in Amsterdam so that students could afford housing near campuses.

Source: Morethanshipping

6) Greenhouses
Companies like Cropbox pack the entire container with herbs, vegetables and fruits. You can rent a container, put it in your backyard and enjoy fresh produce everyday!

Source: Cropbox

7) Container Bridge
At Tel-Aviv, Israel, old shipping containers was used to form a 525-foot long bridge to connect its people to the Ariel Sharon National Park.

Source: CubeDepot

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