3 Alternatives to Foldimate, the laundry-folding robot

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The internet has been buzzing around with Foldimate, the laundry-folding robot. The robot that will help you steam and fold your clothes. Foldimate may be the first company that targets the consumer market but its definitely not the first laundry folding robot. Here are some of the other laundry folding machines.

1) Laundroid

Video Credit: Youtube

Laundroid was the first laundry folding robot as claimed by Japan-based Seven Dreamers. Basically, you throw your unsorted clothes into a pull-out bin and the robot folds your clothes for you neatly. Using image-recognition technology,  the robot identifies the type of clothes that it is folding. However, it takes 3-10 minutes to fold a piece of clothing, which means you can throw your crumpled clothes in before you go to sleep. This is simpler, more convenient and easier than Foldimate as we no longer have to hang each clothes individually. If Laundroid is able to improve on its folding time and the size of it, we think they could be a huge threat to Foldimate.

The company also plans to completely automate laundry by 2019 which means Laundroid will be able to wash, dry and fold your clothes.

2) Laundry-Folding Robot from UC Berkeley

Video Credit: Youtube

In 2011, the University of Berkeley showcased the Berkeley PR2. It is a robot that could pick a piece of clothing and neatly fold and stack them. However, it takes it almost 6 minutes to do the task. That isn't as fast as what we would expect but the potential for the robot is there. 

3) Home Made Laundry Folding Machine

Image Credit: Youtube (Izzy Swan)

If you can't wait for Foldimate or Laundroid to launch, how about making one yourself!

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