Meet Spyce Kitchen- the robot fast food restaurant

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Photo Credit: MIT Students invented a Robotic Kitchen

Imagine stepping into a restaurant without any waiters or chefs. You just need to take out your mobile phone and start placing your order. Once your order is placed, you can watch the metallic chefs at work, whipping up a piping hot healthy meal. It does seem like a wishlist for the future but a group of MIT undergraduates, Spyce is making it a reality. The Spyce Kitchen currently serves 5 different hot dishes shrimp andouille jambalaya, chicken-bacon sweet potato hash, winter veggie macaroni and cheese, chili lime beef and rice, and chickpea coconut curry over couscous at a cafeteria in MIT. You can also customize the ingredients, sauce and quantity. No cleaners are involved as the metallic chefs self-cleans when it's done for the next meal.

The team recently won the 2016 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize and plans to expand to other dining halls in the area. The metallic chefs are also capable of cooking up pad thai. We hope they would start shipping their kitchen to Singapore soon so that we can have fast and healthy salads, fish ball noodles and even char kway teow!

See the Spyce Kitchen in action

Source: Tiny Robotic Kitchen Can Make Healthy Meal In Minutes, Tech Insider

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  1. Such a brilliant idea, forward thinking for the future! This idea, if accepted by Singapore, will revolutionalise the entire food scene, in terms of labour distribution, space planning, and individual's participation in choice of food and its health content. Worth giving much thought to.
    Thanks for sharing :) looking forward to more interesting articles.


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